Code to use on the ROE due to COVID-19

Code to use on the ROE due to COVID-19

Use the following reason codes in Block 16 when issuing an ROE due to COVID-19.

  1. When issuing an ROE, ensure you leave Block 18 (the comments section) blank. Any comments within this section will slow down the claim process and will remove the ROE from the automation process.
  2. If an employee has recently returned from international travel and was quarantined for two weeks, you must issue an ROE with the reason code “D” for illness or injury. Currently, there is no specified ROE code for quarantine. 
  3. In case you need to close your company and send employees home temporarily, issue an ROE with the reason code “A” – Shortage of work / End of contract or Season.
  4. If parts of your business need to close, and you need to terminate employees, issue an ROE with the reason code “A” – Shortage of work. 
  5. In case your employees refuse to report to work due to the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we recommend using Code N (Leave of absence).

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