Create a Gross Earnings report

Create a Gross Earnings report

1. Select Reports on the side menu, click on the Custom Reports tab, and then select Pay Runs (under Payroll Reports).

2. Filter your report to the specific date range or pay period you would like to view, then press Submit.

3. Select Layout and choose the columns you want to see in your report. We recommend the following selections: Pay Run Number, Name, Employee Code, Dept Code, Dept Name, Type, Amount. Press OK to update your report.

4. Select Filter and choose the following selections:

  1. Filter Column: Type

  2. Comparison: Contains

  3. Value: Earning

Click Add to save your selections.

5. To eliminate any 0 values from your report, we recommend adding the following selection as well:

  1. Filter Column: Amount

  2. Comparison: Not =

  3. Value: 0

Click Add to save your selections.

6. Select Aggregate and choose the following selections:

  1. Data Column: Amount

  2. Aggregate Function: Sum

Click Add to save your selections.

7. Select Group and then choose how you want your data to be grouped (e.g. by employee, department, or position). For more detailed reporting, you can select Add to create multiple groupings, such as by department AND employee. 

To hide the data within your grouping, select Exclude Detail Rows.

8. Your report is displayed underneath your selections.

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