How do I organize my payroll instructions?

How do I organize my payroll instructions?

Assigning a sort order to payroll instructions

The system allows for the assignment of a "sort order" for each payroll instruction. Earnings, Benefits, and Deductions will always stay within their respective categories, but within each category, the sorting will be based on the number assigned (from left to right) and if more than one for a sort order exists, then alphabetically.

As a default, all payroll instructions are sorted at 0, so they sort alphabetically. This tutorial will outline how to assign sort order numbers to a payroll instruction. You may want to map out how you would like it to look in advance, and you may want to create a buffer by increasing by 2 (which allows you to add a new instruction at a later date if required).

1. In the Payroll menu on the left-hand side, click Payroll.

2. Click Payroll Setup.

3. Stay on the Payroll Instructions tab, and find the payroll instruction you want to add a sort order number to. If you want to organize your entire input sheet, you will likely have to attach a sort order to all your payroll instructions, so the next few steps will be repeated.

4. Click Edit on the payroll instruction you wish to edit.


5. Scroll down to the Payroll Input Sheet section. Enter the Sort order number.

6. Scroll down to Reason for Modification, enter a reason for the change, and click Save to update your changes.

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