How do I send and save ROEs?

How do I send and save ROEs?

Send a copy to Service Canada

Once you have completed an ROE for one of your employees, click Finalize.

We will send the ROE to Service Canada within 1 business day. 

Keep a copy of the ROE

If you would like to keep a finalized copy of the ROE, click "Print".

This will open the ROE in a new tab where you can "Save as a PDF" or "Print". Our system keeps a copy on file for a minimum of 7 years.

What about my employee?

It is not required by Service Canada to give a copy of the ROE to the employee when it is completed electronically. If your employee would like to see their ROE, they can login to their Service Canada account here. 

You can also save a copy of the ROE and send it to your employee by email, or print a copy out and provide it in paper format.