How to add payroll instructions

How to add payroll instructions

Who can use this feature?
Users with Payroll Organization Admin role
Available on Start , Grow , and Optimize plans.


Payroll instructions are fundamental building blocks in Rise Payroll. They calculate and track the amounts of earnings, benefits, and deductions your employees get.

There are three types of payroll instructions in Rise:

  • Earnings are money paid to employees. For example, regular salary or overtime pay.
  • Benefits don’t add to take-home pay. For example, the employer portion of group benefits premiums.
  • Deductions get taken off an employee’s take-home pay, either before or after taxes. For example, the employee portion of group benefits premiums.

Adding a provider-level payroll instruction

To help you stay compliant, Rise has a list of premade payroll instructions ready to use. And we’ll automatically keep them updated as the regulations change. You can add these instructions from our library. Here’s how:

1. Select Payroll in the navigation, and click on Payroll Setup.

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2. Choose the button Add Payroll Instruction from Provider Library.

3. Select the payroll instruction you need from the list available in the drop-down menu.

For example, let’s look at Pay in Lieu (Dollars) . This provider instruction:

  • has the input type of Money,
  • increases insurable earnings for the Record of Employment (ROE)
  • but does not increase insurable hours.
  • These amounts are not Quebec Pensionable.
By default, the payroll instruction will be set to Enabled and not set to override the default properties. If you do want to override the default properties, see details on what these options mean in the custom payroll instruction creation articles (linked at the end). These settings can also be changed at any time.

6. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

You have successfully added this payroll instruction to your organization.

How to create a custom payroll instruction

For more customized instructions, check out our articles on

At any time, you can also ask our support team to assist you in making an instruction for your organization.

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