T4 amend

How to amend Tax Forms

1. In the Payroll menu on the left-hand side, click Payroll. Next, in the Year End section, click Tax Form Runs
2. Click Amend beside the year you want to amend. Make sure the original tax form run is filed with the CRA, or you won’t be able to amend. If you amend RL-1 Tax Form, a new line with the RL-1 Amendment information will be displayed on the RL-1 Summary report. The # of Slips column in RL-1 gives the total number of RL slips for the tax year including the original, amended and cancelled slips, and the total of all amounts in each box of all RL slips, whether or not they are amended.


3. Wait a moment for the new amendment run to generate, then click Edit.

4. Under Actions, click Download CSV Tax Form Data and save it as a CSV file. We recommend saving the original CSV file and making changes on a copy of the CSV file.

5. Next you will need to make changes in the CSV file.

6. Make the T4/ T4A  amendments by updating the relevant T4 / T4A  boxes on the CSV for the impacted employees requiring adjustments. Do not delete employee tax form data from the CSV file. CRA will process amended tax forms for only those employees with T4/T4A amended data.

7. Save the amended CSV. Review the file for data entry accuracy and navigate back to the same page you downloaded the tax form data from. Under actions, click Upload CSV Tax Form Data and import the CSV with the amendments.

8. After the CSV has been imported, review the amended T4 run remittance amounts using the CSV file. Next, balance source deduction withholding T4 Boxes 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 27 to original tax form T4 Summary. If tax, CPP or EI amounts were adjusted (increased) in the amended tax form run, you are required to self remit to CRA to avoid penalties. Please note CRA does not require an Amended T4/T4A Summary.

9. Do the same for T4A runs if applicable.

10. Review the slip(s) by clicking Amended Tax Form Slips Only.

11. The tax form delivery format is set as email. Your employees will receive their tax forms in their tax form delivery email. For more information on tax form delivery format of T4s see How to process tax form runs

12. Once you’re done, click Approve.

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