Generate Client Sales Tax Rate report

Generate Client Sales Tax Rate report

A new Client Sales Tax Report has been added to the Payroll Custom Provider Reports. This report shows the sales tax rate. To view and download this report, follow the below steps:

1. Sign into your payroll account and click Reports 🡪 Custom Reports.

2. From the Provider Reports, click Client Sales Tax Rate.

3. In the Report Settings wizard, select the Effective As Of date to set up the date from which you want to look at the sales tax rates. From the Organization drop-down, select one organization or all to look at their sales tax rate. Once complete, click Submit.

The report comprises the following columns:



Organization Name

Organization name

Organization Code

Organization code


Organization Province


Rates Type

Start Date 

the rate start date

End Date

the rate end date


Rate amount for the period

Tax exemption 

Tax exemption amount

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