How to Download Important Reports

How to download important Payroll reports

How to download Payroll Register Reports

1. Navigate to Payroll, then click on the Reports tab.

2. Under the Standard Reports tab, you’ll find the payroll register report under the Payroll Reports section, click on Payroll Register.

3. Select the desired pay run from the dropdown, and then click Submit.

Only one pay run can be selected at a time.

4. Once the report has successfully loaded, scroll down to the bottom of the report. Click Export to PDF.

5. Repeat the above steps for all payroll registers required.

How to download Year End Tax Forms (T4, T4A & RL-1)

1. Navigate to Payroll, then under the Payroll tab, click Tax Form Runs under the Year End section.

2. Click View on each of the Year End Tax Form Runs you need to download.

3. Click View All Tax Slips.

4. All tax forms will open in a separate tab. Once this tab is open, click the Download button.

5. Repeat the above steps for all tax form runs required.

How to download Employee Tax and Compensation Reports

1. Navigate to Payroll, then open the Reports tab.

2. Under the Custom Reports tab, you’ll find the employee tax and compensation report under the Employee Reports section. Click on Employee Tax and Compensation.

3. Employee selection should stay as All. Click Submit.

4. Scroll to the right-hand side of the report to find the Export buttons. You can download this report in Excel, CSV or PDF format; click on the format you require. 

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