How to filter or group the input sheet

How to filter or group the input sheet

How to group the input sheet

By default, the input sheet will be grouped by employee. This means the list on the left displays each employee (with multiple lines if they have multiple departments) and is organized alphabetically. You can also group by department, which will show each department (organized by department code) grouped together. If grouped by department, employees working in multiple departments will have an entry per department.  

1. On the input sheet, click the Group by dropdown and select the grouping you wish to see.

2. Click Add.

How to filter on the input sheet

1. On the input sheet, under Filter, click Add.

2. You can filter by department, or by employee. If you wish, you can also combine both filters.

  1. By Department: Move the departments you wish to see over from Available to Assigned by double clicking or by using the arrows available. Select one of the three options:

    1. Show Only Home Departments: Employees with multiple departments will only be displayed if their home department matches your search term.
    2. Show Only These Departments: Employees with multiple departments will be shown if one of their departments matches your search term.
    3. Show All Departments For Employees Who Belong To These Departments: Employees with multiple departments will be shown if one of their departments that matches your search term, and they will show with all other departments they work in also displayed.
  2. By EmployeeEnter your search term in First Name, Last Name or both. The system will only show results that match your search terms (you can enter partial names).

3. Click Save.

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