Generate the Temporary 10% Wage Subsidy report

Generate the Temporary 10% Wage Subsidy report

To view and generate the 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy Report, follow the below steps:

1. Select Reports from the side menu and click on Custom Reports.

2. Under Payroll Reports, select 2020 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy report.

3. 2020 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy report uses Pay Runs with Pay Dates between the prescribed date range for the Temporary Wage Subsidy (March 18 to June 19 2020). Click Submit to generate this report.

4. Here you will see two tabs.  The Employee Subsidy tab displays all the employees who have been paid in the qualifying pay runs (Pay Date between Mar 18 2020 and Jun 19 2020).

To export to Excel, each tab must be individually exported.

All employees are listed - it does not stop listing employees at the $25,000 limit per business number. 

5. The columns in the Employee Subsidy tab can be interpreted as follows:



Organization Name

the name of the current organization

Business Number

the business number the employee was paid under.  Some organizations have more than one in a single organization

Pay Run

the combined values for  Pay Year,  Pay Run Number, and Adhoc Pay Run Identifier (if applicable)

Pay Date

the date at which the employees get paid

Pay Run Status

the status of the pay run being reported on

Employee Name

the combined values of first name and last name

Employee Code

the code for this employee

Remuneration Amount

the gross amount paid to the employee in this pay run

Subsidy Amount

Remuneration Amount * 10%, Amount round to 3 decimals

Capped Subsidy Amount

the lesser of the Subsidy Amount or the per Employee maximum of $1,375 for the Temporary Wage Subsidy program, Amount round to 3 decimals

Accumulated Subsidy Amount

accumulates the employees Capped Subsidy Amounts up to the maximum of $1,375, Amount round to 3 decimals

6. The Total Subsidy by Business Number tab shows the total subsidy available and the current total of the remittance adjustments created.

7. The columns in the Total Subsidy by Business Number tab can be interpreted as follows:



Business Number

The business number(s) for the organization

Total Subsidy Available

The total calculated subsidy available to the business number for the posted pay runs at the date the report was run.  

It is capped at $25,000 per business number.

Total Subsidy Remittance Adjustments

If the organization opted into the automated calculation of the remittance adjustments this number will reflect the amount of the remittance adjustment currently made.

The number may be less than the Total Subsidy Available based on when the organization opted in and the amount of Federal Tax that was available to withhold from remitting.

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