How to get your T4 remittance balance from the CRA

How to get your T4 remittance balance from the CRA

The remittance balance is the credit to your payroll account with the CRA -- this is the sum of all money remitted to them for the year. If you joined Rise during the year, this would include amounts remitted by you or by your previous provider. If you’ve received any credits during the year they will be included in your total. It is important to compare the total provided by the CRA for your remittance balance against what we have in the system to ensure that what has been remitted for the year is what the CRA has received.  You can get this number in a couple of ways.

  • Log into your CRA account and look at your PD7A for the tax year in question.
  • Call the CRA toll-free 1.800.959.5525. Press 6 to go straight to an agent. 
When you reach an agent, give them your Business Number and your RP number. This will be a 9-digit number plus "RP 0001" (you may have several RP accounts, such as 0002, 0003).  You will be requested to confirm the following information

1. Legal name of the company
2.  Address of the company
3. Your name
4. Last two remittance payments: You can find this information by going to Reports > Custom Reports > Remittances. Look at the two most recent remittance payments and total them by Remittance due date. 
This Federal Remittances report lists your payroll account number and breaks down all amounts that have been withdrawn from your account for statutory deductions (CPP, EI, Employer CPP, Employer EI, Federal Taxes, Provincial Taxes). It also lists the date that these remittances are paid to the CRA.
Once this information is confirmed. you can request your total remittance balance for the year.
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