How to reconcile benefits

How to reconcile benefits

To reconcile both cash and non-cash benefits, we recommend reviewing employees who receive benefits and how much they should have paid. 

1. Click Reports, then Custom Reports to access the custom reporting section.

2. Start from the report called Pay Runs.

3. Select the entire year as your date range, and then click Submit.

4. Click on Filter and enter the information as below, then click Add.

  1. Filter Column = Type
  2. Comparison = Contains
  3. Value = Benefit

5. Click on Aggregate and enter the information as below, then click Add.

  1. Data Column = Amount
  2. Aggregate Function = Sum

6. Click on Layout and pick which columns you need. We recommend; Name, Employee Code, Payroll Instruction, and Amount.

7. Click on Group and enter each grouping category below, clicking Add in between each selection. Ensure you have Exclude Detail Rows checked.

  1. Name
  2. Payroll instruction

8. You now have a report outlining the totals per employee for all benefits for the year. If you compare this against your benefit carriers data, you will be able to correct any potential discrepancies prior to closing the year.


For Mileage reconciliation, you can run a report very similar to the one above. Instead of using the filter to show only benefits, you can use the Filter function to show only your mileage instructions.

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