How to update an employee employment status

How to update an employee employment status

1. Navigate to the employee's payroll profile. For more information, check out our article on How do I access an employee file.

2.  Click the Compensation tab, then click on Change Employment Status.

    3. In the pop up that appears, enter the following information:

    1. New Status: Select from the drop down what the new status will be.

    1. New Status Effective Date: Keep in mind all dates are entered DD/MM/YYYY. You can future date this status change if required - no information will be sent to the employee.

    2. Reason For Modification: This is used for auditing purposes. Enter what the reason for this status change.


    4. Click Save to update the employee. 

    The warning message you see in red will only be applicable if this employee had web punch credentials or any type of user access. Please notify the Rise support team to disable the user ID.

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