When are employees eligible for EI benefits due to COVID-19

When are employees eligible for EI benefits due to COVID-19

  1. If an employee is taking care of a family member who has tested positive for COVID-19 they can apply for Family Caregiver or Compassionate Care EI benefits with Service Canada. 
    1. Family caregiver benefits provide: 
      1. Up to 35 weeks for taking care of a critically ill or injured person under 18 
      2. Up to 15 weeks for a critically injured person 18 or over
    2. Compassionate care benefits provide:
      1. Up to 26 weeks for a person of any age who requires end-of-life care
  2. Employees directly affected by COVID-19 (sick or in quarantine), and requesting EI sickness benefits, can contact the Employment Insurance dedicated campaign line at 1-833-381-2725. The Commission will determine the EI benefit entitlement.
  3. If an employer chooses to close their business for COVID-19 safety reasons, this will be treated as a layoff. An ROE must be issued using Code “A” Shortage of Work – Layoff.
  4. In case of temporary layoff due to COVID-19, there is no requirement to pay notice payment. Each jurisdiction has legislation that limits the length of time a layoff can be in place before it is considered a permanent ending of employment by the employer. The labour and employment standards of most jurisdictions distinguish between layoff and termination of employment. For more information please refer to the CPA’s Payroll Best Practice Guidelines on Termination (member login required).

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