What are these reporting functions?

What are these reporting functions?

How to customize a Custom Report

Custom reports provide a large amount of information, and there are functions provided to help narrow down the report to just the data required. We highly recommend using the functions available to make the information more manageable. This article goes over the functions you can use to make them your own. Using the custom reports and the functions below you can create almost any report you may need or want. If you feel there is information required for which you cannot create a report, please let our Support Team know. They may have a creative solution to help you!

Very Simple Functions


The Sort function allows you to sort a column in ascending or descending order.


The Paging function allows you to choose whether all information appears on one page, or if it should break at a selected number of rows.


The Export function is located at the top right of the data box (below the function box). You are able to export the report you create to Excel, CSV or PDF.

Easy Functions


The Layout function allows you to select which columns of data you would like to display (show). This also allows you to remove (hide) data not required on your report. There are Select All and Select Noneoptions available on the bottom right of the function box.


The Filter function allows you to filter a column by a Comparison value. You select which column to filter, what comparison and what value.

Intermediate Functions


The Group function allows you to group similar data together. This is most helpful when there are only a few options available, and you want to look at all employees, but want them broken into “categories” based on one or more columns.


The Aggregate function allows you to calculate totals, averages and similar for the entire report, and can also be used in combination with the Group function to display totals, averages and similar for the specific groups.

Advanced Functions


The Chart function allows you to create charts with the data within a report. You are able to create one of the following charts; Pie, Bar, Line, Curved Line, Scatter Plot, Heatmap, or Gauge. Each chart will require different selections made by you. If you require additional assistance, please contact our Support Team.


The Crosstab function allows you to create a crosstab/pivot table to show summarized information with groupings listed in both rows and columns. You will need to select a Header Values Column (the crosstab will have one column for each unique value) and a Label Values Column (the crosstab will have one row for each unique value). You also select what will be going into the crosstab cells, (what the content will be in the Aggregate Values Column), and what the Aggregate Function will be. If you need additional assistance, please contact our Support Team.


There is a button at the top of the Formula function box that says Formula Help. Feel free to review the attached page for some assistance with Formulas. If you require additional assistance, please contact our Support Team.

Remember to select Add or Ok (bottom left of the function box) to save the functions you’ve used and want to apply.

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