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            This guide will walk through the various steps you should take in the Hub/Time Off to set up a new team member in your organization on Time Off.

            Adding a new employee

            Note: If your organisation uses Rise Payroll new employees will automatically sync over to the Hub and Time Off. The sync will occur every hour. This guide 
            will go through how to input new employees step-by-step in Payroll. 

            If you have a new employee that won't be getting paid through Rise Payroll, you can add them to Time Off and the Hub by going to the People tab in the Hub and click on the Add New Employee button. You'll then be prompted to enter the basic information of your new employee such as Name, Employee Code, and Work Email.

            Once that information has been entered and you've clicked Create Employee Profile, you'll be taken to the newly create employee profile. Here you'll add their Effective Start Date, Position, Compensation Method, and Pay Rate. You can also choose if you'd like to specify a manager or to use the Default Manager setting.

            After those steps have been completed you'll notice a Start Onboarding button near the top-right of their profile that you can click to automatically assign any Onboarding Tasks that you've created in the Task Templates. (see this article for how to create Onboarding Tasks)

            Adding an employee to a team

            If you use Teams to organise your company, or to indicate Reviewers for employees, you can add your new employee to a Team by going to the  Teams tab in the Hub.

            Once you've found the desired team, click on the pencil on the  right-hand  side of the team to open up the edit team members table card.

            Then use the "+ Add Employees" button on the top-right and use the check marks beside each employee name and click the Add Selected Employees to add them to the team.

            If you want to set a Team Member as a Team Lead simply click the 'shield' icon to the left of their name.

            Setting up a Primary Team /Department

            Primary Teams and Departments influence two different areas of Time Off:

            • Which other requests away populate into the team member's request calendar 
            • If you're using Primary Team Lead or Primary Department Lead for reviewer groups, which primary team lead requests get sent to

            Note: While Departments will sync from Payroll, Teams are specific to Time Off. Haven't  set up  teams yet? Learn how in 

            To set a Primary Team/Department for an employee navigate to their Hub Profile and select the Work tab. From here simply click the star beside the desired Team/Department name. When the star turns yellow, that indicates that it's the employee's Primary Team/Department.

            Adding a Manager

            Note: Adding a Manager is important if any policies the employee is enrolled in are set to send request reviews to their Manager.

            To assign a Manager, navigate to the employee's Hub Profile and select the Journey tab. From here, click the "Record an Event" button.

            Next, use the Event Type drop-down menu to select Change Managers and select Specified Manager from the Managers drop-down and enter the name of the desired Manager. If the employee will have multiple Mangers you can enter the name of each Manager in the Specified Manager field. After that simply click the "Save" button.

            Policy Enrollment

            Once an employee account has been  created,  or synced over from Payroll, the next step is to enrol your new team member into the policies they'll be participating in. 

            To get started, navigate to the employee's Profile in the Hub, select the Time Off tab, and click the "Click here to enrol  them in a policy" button in the Time Off tab.

            The policy enrollment page will automatically populate with policies that have been set as Onboarding Defaults for the employee's team at the top under "Suggested Policies" and all other policies under "Other Policies." 

            From here simply click on the policies you'd like to enrol your employee in and click the "Enroll" button at the bottom of the page.

            After clicking the "Enroll" button you'll be prompted with the following message:

            "Enrolling this employee will activate a policy's scheduled accrual. Where applicable, the available balance (days/hours) of the policy will be prorated."

            Selecting "Continue" at this prompt will enroll the employee in the selected policies and apply proration according to the policy settings. (View  this article for more information on policy creation and setting Onboarding Defaults)

            Time Off Invitation

            Now that the configuration for your employee's Profile is complete, it's time to send them an invitation! 

            To get started, click your name on the top-right of the top bar and click Settings, then go to User Management. You'll then be taken to a page displaying the Unregistered (not yet invited) users in your organization. 

            From here you'll be able to click the "Invite" button next to the employee names to send out an email invitation with login instructions to the employee's email address. If you need to resend an invitation you can use the "Resend Invite" button.

            Communicate policy details

            In addition to the policy details showing up on the team member's personal dashboard, we encourage Admins to have a session communicating your policy details to ensure they're aware of how to use them. In addition, it's a great time to provide more information about Rise, how your organization leverages the product, and how to seek help with the app. 

            Here's some template information you can include for everything Rise!

            Getting started guide

            To help your team familiarise themselves with the Hub and Time Off, they can access this  Getting Started Guide here.

            Support resources

            If you have any questions as you’re using the product, you can contact Rise support through the in-app help chat on the top navigation or reach out directly via email at

            You can also browse the Time Off knowledge base at .

            Updated: 30 Aug 2018 09:52 AM
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