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            Admins | Setup step 4: Setting up managers / creating teams / assigning leads

            Setting up default manager settings

            Setting managers in Time Off is important if you're using a  reviewer group where a team member's manager is their time off request reviewer. 

            Every new employee can be assigned a manager, regardless if they've been synced from payroll or added through the Hub. For any new team members that join your organization you can set a default setting to auto-assign managers based on primary departments/teams. To set up these default settings, click your name in the top right corner, select  Settings,  then go to App Settings.

            Here you'll be able to select whether the default managers is always the employee's primary team lead or their primary department lead.

            Click Save when done. 

            If you have someone with more than one manager that needs to approve time off, you can leverage the default manager settings here and create the appropriate teams with both managers as team leads.

            Remember: Departments sync from payroll, but teams are specific to Time Off.  Learn more about creating new teams and assigning dept/team leads here at the bottom of this reviewer group article.

            Having the following configuration will have the request go to, and need to be approved by both managers:

            • Reviewer groups configuarion: Employee Manager
            • Manager on the profile set to: Default settings
            • Settings > Organization Settings set to team lead for the primary default
            • Create a team that has all the people the two managers review + the two managers
            • Set the two managers as the team leads
            • The direct reports that require both managers to sign off need to have that team starred as their primary team on their profile

            Important notes: 

            • If you select both options listed in App Setting as a new manager default, the option you select first will be the primary first manager. For example, if you select Team Lead as the primary option, if you are the team lead, your manager will then get assigned as the department lead. If no team lead is specified, the secondary default will kick in, assigning the department lead as a manager. 

            Setting up specific managers that aren't team/dept leads

            In the instance where a team member has a specific manager that may not be their team or department lead, you can set up a specific manager under the team member's profile.

            Use the global search bar to look for the employee you're want to assign a manager to. On the employee's profile, you'll be directed to the Journey tab where you'll click the Record An Event button. From here use the Event Type dropdown and select the Change Managers event. This will allow you to use the dropdown menu in the To column to specify manager by entering their name in the provided Search field.

            Click Save when you are done. 

            Creating Teams in the Hub

            Head to the Teams tab on the left navigation sidebar and click the Add New Team button.

            From here you can name your Team using the blank field to the left of the Team card, then use the pencil icon on the right side of the card to begin editing the Team.

            On the Edit page you can use the Add Employees button in the top-right corner to begin adding employees to your Team. You'll be able to select individual employees, search for those you can't find on the first page, or use the check mark left of the Employee Code column to select all your employees on the current page. Once you have the selected members, use the Add Selected Employees button on the top or bottom of the page.

            The last thing to do is assign a Team Lead if you're going to be using teams in setting up reviewer groups. ( Learn more about reviewer group setup here.) You can assign Team Leads by clicking

            Assigning Team/Department Leads

            In order to set up Department Leads or Team Leads in the Hub/Time Off, the first step is to go to  Teams tab in the Hub.

            Departments are synced from payroll. In Time Off you can assign a lead for each synced department. It's important to assign department leads if you'll be using the department lead  reviewer group option.

            To assign a lead, click on the pencil on the right-hand side of the Team/Department.

            Click on the starred shield left of a team member's name to make them the Team/Department lead. 

            Teams are specific to Time Off and do not sync from payroll.
             Learn more about creating teams here. Creating teams and assigned team leads is done through the Company tab. Teams can be modified in Time Off by selecting the pencil on the right hand side.

              • Click on the starred shield left of a team member's name to make them a team lead. 

              Assigning Primary Teams/Departments

              If you're using the Primary Team/Department Lead option in  Reviewer Groups, it's important to set a Primary Team/Department for each employee. You can do this by navigating to the employee's Work tab in their Profile and clicking on the star next to the Team/Department you want to assign as their Primary Team/Department. If no primary team is set, any policies that have a reviewer group using the Team/Department lead will not work properly as it will not know which team lead is responsible for approving their time off.

            Updated: 30 Aug 2018 07:22 AM
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