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            How do I review Daily Pay data?

            Daily pay transfers in all the hours from time approval and processes these hours through the rules set up during your onboarding for calculations concerning overtime, double-time and special premiums. As good practice, it's important to review the hours loaded into "Daily Pay" before sending the hours into payroll.

            This article will help guide you through a few steps to check your data and clean up errors.

            1. Set up a Time Approval Summary report for "Unapproved" punches and run this report before starting payroll. Doing so will allow you to locate any records that are missed. Click here to learn how to create this report.
            2. Once you have confirmed all hours have been either approved or suppressed, load Daily Pay. See this article for guidance.
            3. After confirming that all your hours have loaded in from Time Approval, click on the "By Pay Code" tab. 
            4. Click the "+" button next to each pay code to see detailed information. You can further analyze this data by double clicking on an employee's name.
            5. Daily Pay will open a new window, which will allow you to check the employee hours for each day and assess the allocation of hours per day. If you find that you need to make adjustments, such as deleting a duplicate record or change a pay code allocation, please follow this link.
            6. If you have verified all the pay codes you wish to review, you are ready to complete your payroll and load it into the Input Sheet. Click here for more information.

            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 05:12 AM
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