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            How to load hours from Time Approval into Daily Pay

            Loading hours from Time Approval into Daily Pay

            1. Select "Payroll" on the top menu, choose "Process Payroll / Review Payroll History", and then click "Daily Pay" to open Daily Pay.
            2. A new window will appear. Select the "Load Schedules" button
            3. You should now see hours populated in the columns Scheduled Hours and Actual Hours
            4. Expand each department by selecting the "+" button on the left. This will display daily data for the pay period and the status of the information. 

              Status Details
              • Schedules are not loaded: This status exists prior to clicking the "load schedules" button. If this status is showing, you will need to "load schedules" (see step 2 for more information).
              • Schedules are loaded (no work blocks exist): This can mean one of two things; no one worked this day (perhaps a weekend) or there is an unapproved shift for this day blocking the data transfer. If you suspect the second may be true, use your "Unapproved Time Punch"report to identify which shifts need approval. Change the status of these days back to "Schedules are no loaded", fix the errors in Time Approval, and then load your schedules again.
              • Schedules are loaded: This status appears only if you do not use Time Approval. Schedules load directly into Daily Pay.
              • Approved: This status appears only if you do use Time Approval. Approved shifts will come through showing "Approved" status. 
              • Completed: This status appears when you have completed your reviews in Daily Pay (see step 5 for more information).
            5. If you want to do an in-depth review of your data in Daily Pay, check out this article for more information.
            6. Once you have reviewed your data in Daily Pay and all looks accurate, click the "Complete All" button. Your data is now ready to be pulled into the input sheet using this process.

            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 05:15 AM
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