How to make a banking request

            If you made an incorrect payment

            You have three options based on the time of payment. To request a Cancellation, Reversal, or Stop Payment please email Rise at with the employee's name, and the total paid to the employee. Confirm that you accept the charges associated.

            1. Cancellation: This applies to electronic payments that have not been sent yet to the employee. If we have not sent out a payment, it can be cancelled without issue. We need to know by 5:00pm PT two days before the pay date in order to successfully cancel the payment.

              Fee: $20.00 per cancellation
            2. Reversal: This option is available on the two business days after the pay date.This applies to electronic payments only. If you have paid an employee by mistake or paid them incorrectly, we can reverse the funds. This can take up to three days to process, and although probable it is not guaranteed that we receive the money back. 

              Fee: $25.00 per reversal
            3. Stop payment: This applies to cheques only and it takes a few days to process the stopped payment. We first verify that the cheque was not cashed, and then we can issue a stop payment. Once this is successful, we can return the funds to you. 

              Fee: $25.00 per stop payment

            If your employee didn't receive payment

            There are two possible situations where an employee's pay does not actually deposit to the account specified. In both instances Rise will contact you, and provide you with the information you need to resolve.

            1. Payment error: This occurs when we have sent out the funds and the transfer was unsuccessful (usually due to incorrect bank information). We are notified in the morning on the day before the pay date. We need to correct the information by 11:00am PT to ensure the employee gets paid on time. Updates after 11:00am PT result in a one day delay of the employee's pay.

              Fee: no charges for payment errors
            2. Return: This occurs in situations where an employee's pay is received by the employees bank but not deposited into the employee's account. Often this is due to a closed or frozen account. Similar to a payment error, we need to correct the information on file by 11:00am PT to ensure the employee gets paid the next day. A return notification may be received up to three business days after the pay date.

              Fee: $5.00 per return

            Expected resolve time: 2 hours - please call or livechat for time sensitive changes

            Updated: 07 Jun 2019 09:54 AM
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