How to request a new administrator

            Setting up a new user

            The primary contact for the account just needs to send us a quick email with the following information and we'll your new colleague set up right away!

            • Full Name: 
            • Email Address: 
            • Type of Access: (e.g. All Access but Approval, Reports Only, Employee Information only)

            Please also include a quick note to let us know if this user will require training or if you will be training them internally. Our support team is always happy to schedule a training schedule and there is no fee associated with this service.

            Setting up a new super user

            If your new user needs full access to the system including approval of payroll, we need the signing authority from the Rise contract to approve the change. Please download and complete this form and send to our support team.

            Updated: 11 Feb 2019 06:26 AM
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