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            How to run the timesheet utility

            Rise has a flexible payroll system that can import data from other Time & Attendance systems. If you currently using a Time & Attendance system other than Rise, you will need a customized Rise Timesheet Utility

            The purpose of the Timesheet Utility is to import hours and/or dollar amounts from your preferred time & attendance system into Rise, so you can process payroll. This macro-enabled excel file will automate the repetitive task of copying hours/dollars for each employee from your external Time & Attendance system into Rise - so you don't have to do any manual data entry!

            To use your Timesheet Utility, you will need three files:

            1. Your custom-created Rise Timesheet Utility. Your Onboarding Specialist will discuss the setup and any customization with you.
            2. The timesheet file from your time & attendance system for that pay period. Your Onboarding Specialist will assist you with identifying the correct export file from your Time & Attendance system during setup.
            3. A blank Input Sheet csv file from Rise for that pay period (see step #1 below).

            Follow these steps to run the timesheet utility, and complete an import into Rise:

            1) Export a blank or partially completed csv input sheet from Rise, and save it in the sub-folder for that run.

            2) Save the input sheet from Rise and the timesheet file (from your Time & Attendance system) into the folder for that pay run.

            3)  Open the timesheet utility. Enable Editing and Enable Content (this will allow you use the macros).

            4) C lick on ‘Load Data’. First, select the exported timesheet file(s) from your Time & Attendance system, then select the exported csv inputsheet file(s) that you saved in step #1. Your files must be loaded in the same order every time.

            5) Address missing employees/departments. Based on your setup, you will have "data check" questions showing a TRUE/FALSE warning, as well as a list of employees/departments missing from the input sheet.

            At this stage, you can do one of two things:

            • Complete steps 7 and 8, then address missing employees/departments directly on the Rise input sheet, or
            • Go back into the Rise input sheet, add in missing employees/departments, then start again at step #1.

            6) Click on ‘Create inputsheet’. This will create an input sheet file that is ready to import into Rise. It will be auto-saved in the same folder as the utility. It will be labelled ‘Input Sheet – X’, where X = their pay run number.

            7) Import your final input sheet file (ex. Inputsheet - 18) into Rise. This step will import all hours from your Time & Attendance system into Rise!

            Want to become an expert with our timesheet utilities? Check out our helpful tips article!

            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 05:10 AM
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