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            Winter 2016

            Features & Enhancements

            Print T4 for an individual employee

            It is now possible to print a singular T4 through the employee's report tab. 

            Box 13 on T4A can be edited via export

            It is now possible to adjust the value in Box 13 on the T4A on the exported run. The heading is titled "Employee Account Number" and importing an invalid number will trigger a validation warning.

            Improvements to the errors & warnings report

            This report has been restyled to improve readability. In addition, three new warnings have been created to help catch errors prior to processing. Finally - the employee code and name are included in any instance the employee is being specifically referenced. 

            Fall 2016

            Features & Enhancements

            Mid-Year T4 preview

            It is now possible to review a T4 run prior to closing the year. This will assist with fiscal year-end reporting and reconciliation in preparation for the calendar year end. For more information, see the tutorial here.

            Summer 2016

            Features & Enhancements

            Second pay period of the month frequency

            This option has been added to the list of available schedules for Payroll Instructions. 

            Changes to employee tax and compensation report

            This report now includes (where applicable) the F1 (T1213) amount from the employee profile.

            Changes to employee accruals by pay run report

            This report now includes the Region of Employment for your employee. This makes our WCB and WSIB reporting much easier to read - please contact us if your WCB or WSIB report does not currently feel easy to understand, and we will be happy to update!  Click here for information on what we need to set this up for you.

            Accrual Balance Edit Page Update

            If you are adjusting an Accrual Balance (following the steps here) you will notice the edit screen has had some updates. You are now able to stipulate the new desired balance or the amount you want to adjust it by. You are also able to specify which department, region, and RP (if multiple options exist). The visuals on the how to have been updated - please let us know if you have any questions!

            Formula Code is visible in the Payroll Instructions Screen

            Formula codes are being used more and more on the Rise software, and to make formula creation easier we've included the codes on the main screen.

            Bug Fixes

            Remittance Adjustment Date Format Inconsistency

            If processing a remittance adjustment, the date selection was in format MM/DD/YYYY - the only location in the system that used this format. It has been updated to match the DD/MM/YYYY format that the rest of the system uses. We are Canadian after all!

            PIER Report with Ad-Hoc runs

            When preparing a PIER Review you can specify a date to which the report should be run. If you select an end date up to the current pay period, only the activity in a regular run and any ad-hoc runs with a pay date prior to the end date would be included in the report. Ad-hoc runs for the pay periods included in the PIER report end date but with pay dates outside of the reporting period would not be included. This has been updated, and the PIER report now groups ad-hoc runs together by their pay period end date, not the pay date, so the missing activity is included in the pay period column. 

            Formula Formatting breaking SOE

            Formula's written with line breaks in the code were processing correctly but creating errors when previewing the statement of earnings. We have corrected this and you are now welcome to use all the line breaks you desire.

            Spring 2016

            Features & Enhancements

            Changing the Date on an Ad-Hoc Pay Run

            When you create an ad-hoc pay run, you need to ensure that you set an appropriate pay date. Same as with your regular payroll, we need three days to process ad-hoc runs. If you approve on Monday (before 10am PST) you can put a pay date of Thursday. If you miss the cutoff, and need to adjust the pay date to be later, you are now able to do this while the pay run is in progress (no need to re-enter the data!). You would follow this guide to adjust your pay date.

            Standard Hourly Pay Rates

            The Standard Rates functionality allows you to assign standard hourly compensation rates to employees.  This applies to companies that have set compensation rates, such as unionized environments.  After initial setup, the payroll administrator is able to update a standard pay rate and it will update all employee's within that category. We have created some support articles outlining this feature and how to set it up - start here if you think it may be helpful to you!

            Negative Net Pay Error

            When an employee has deductions greater than their earnings, they can end up with negative net pay. Rise does not have authorization to remove funds from their bank, and likely this is not actually an appropriate action to take. Previously, our system noted this scenario as a "warning" which meant our customers were able to approve payroll with negative net pay. Of course, our support team would catch these while posting, and would request that you change this information and re-approve. However the timeline was often less than an hour. We have changed this to be an "error" which means you will need to correct this in advance of approving payroll. This reduces the additional stress placed on you (the payroll administrator) to correct these errors within a short time-span.

            Input Sheet .csv Export Displays Only the Payroll Instructions on the Input Sheet

            Only the Instructions visible online on the Input Sheet will export into the .csv export. This enhancement was made to clean up the .csv export file and create a smooth import/export experience. Previously all Payroll Instructions were visible, but feedback was provided that this was more confusing than helpful. If you are curious about exporting the Input Sheet and working on your payroll in Excel, please read the article here, or ask our friendly support team!

            Expanded Formula Field & Functions Available

            In the Payroll Instruction edit screen, you will notice the entry spot for an instruction formula is now larger. Payroll Instructions are now able to be configured to include maximums, minimums, and rounding. This allows the user and the Rise team to create formulas for more complex payroll instructions, such as pension plans and benefits, rather than using fixed “default values” at the employee level. As always, if you need assistance with writing a formula please contact our support team with your request!

            Updated: 11 Feb 2019 03:23 AM
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