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            Note: This information pertains to users who've been assigned as a Manager of employees in the Hub & Time Off by your HR administrator.  Reviewing requests will only be available to Managers if the Reviewer Groups are set to send requests to managers for review. Your HR administrator can view/update the Reviewer Groups using the information in  this article .

            As a Manger, there're some additional features available to you in the Time Off and Hub. You'll have more visibility into the details of the employees you manage, as well as the ability to manage their Time Off requests.

            Reviewing Submitted Time Off Requests

            When someone that you review makes a Time Off request, you will receive an email notification indicating that you have new requests to review. The email will contain a summary including:

            1. When the request was made.
            2. The dates of the requested time off and the total amount of days that will be taken from the employee's available balance.
            3. Which policies were used to make the request.
            4. Which other (if applicable) reviewers will need to approve the request in addition to you.

            Click View Request to go to Time Off to approve/reject. Once you log in, you will be directed to the Review tab.

            In addition to the email notification, in Time Off a small green dot will appear next to your Review tab, indicating you have outstanding requests to review. To get started reviewing submitted requests, head to the Review tab.

            1. Submitted request cards | Each request that you have pending for review will have its own request card. On the request card, the following information will appear:
              1. Who submitted the request (located on the top left of the card)
              2. When the Time Off request is being submitted for
              3. Which policy is being used to request time off (the dot appearing to the left of the policy is the colour associated with that policy in the request tab)
              4. The balance at the time of the request and the new balance after the time off is taken. The impact of this request will be highlighted in brackets to the right of the new balance
              5. Comments that were submitted with this request (if applicable)
              6. A field to leave a comment to the requester
              7. An option to reject or approve the submitted request

            2. View the submitted request on the calendar | Each review card you select will highlight the dates on the calendar in yellow. The calendar will dynamically change to show you requests related to the requester's team/department allowing you to make an informed decision based on who else in that person's work group is away.

            Once the requests have been approved, or rejected, email notifications will be sent to the individual who requested time off.

            Recording Time Taken

            As a manager, you are able to record time taken for any team member that you manage. To get started, use the Search field in the top navigation menu to search for the team member.
            Once on the team member's profile, switch to the Time Off tab and click View Dashboard on the top-right corner.
            Under the Request History tab of the team member's dashboard is the Record Time Off Taken button where you can select which policy to record taken and the days. If your policy allows for more than full day time off request use the drop down to select the appropriate 1/4 or 1/2 day measurement. 
            Once you hit add, the time off will be automatically approved and available in their Request History, listed as Confirmed.

            Adding Notes to Employee Profiles

            Managers also have the ability to leaves Notes on an employee's profile that are only visible to Admins, the employee's Manager, or the employee themselves.

            To leave a Note on an employee profile select the Notes tab. From here select the Add Note button on the right side and enter the: 

            1. Title.
            2. Note.
            3. Confidentiality. (Who the Note will be visible to)

            Once a Note has been made it will be visible to the appropriate people by visiting the Notes section of the employee's Profile.

            Note: Admins of your Organization will always have visibility to notes left on an employee's Profile.

            Updated: 30 Aug 2018 07:18 AM
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