How to adjust an employee's pay class

How to adjust an employee's pay class

Pay classes are used in Rise to separate employees into different groups and connect pay rules and pay codes to employees in each group. Pay classes are most commonly used to separate hourly employees and salaried employees.

To change an employee's pay class:

1. Navigate to Payroll, then click Employees.

2. Find the employee whose pay class you want to change and click Edit next to their name.

3. On the employee's profile, click on the Compensation tab.

4. Scroll down to Daily Pay Settings, and click the Edit button next to Pay Class.

5. From the New Pay Class dropdown, select the employee's new pay class. For a guide on how to create new pay classes, check out our article on How to create and modify pay classes. Include the reason for modification, and then click Save to close the menu.

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