How to create an ad-hoc pay run

How to create an ad-hoc pay run

1. In the Payroll menu on the left-hand side, click Payroll.

2. Click Process Payroll / Review Payroll History.


3. Click Create Ad-Hoc Payroll.


4. Enter the required Pay Date, Pay Period, and Reason into the appropriate boxes.

  1. Pay Date: Enter the date the employee will be paid.

  2. Pay PeriodSelect which pay period this payment is attached to. This is important if you will be processing an ROE for this employee - it should reflect when the employee earned the payment.

  3. ReasonAll ad-hoc payments are tracked for auditing purposes. There will be a timestamp, your user id, and this reason attached to the creation of the ad-hoc pay run.

5. Click CreateThe system will take a moment to process and then you will be entered in the input sheet for your ad-hoc payrun.

6. To add employees to the input sheet, check out our article on How to add an employee to the input sheet.

7. To add payroll instructions, check out our article on How to add payroll instructions.

8. Process payroll as normal.

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