Import a CSV file into the input sheet

Import a CSV file into the input sheet

Export as CSV

1. Create a regular or ad-hoc pay run.

2. Enter the input sheet by clicking Input Sheet.

3. Click Export as CSV. You will be downloading a file and depending on computer settings may be prompted for a save location. If not, it will be saved in your downloads folder.

Making changes in a CSV input sheet

Do not make changes to columns A through L. This represents the employee data and must exist for you to import the file again. You can hide columns you don't require.

You can delete or remove the columns after Column L. These are easily identifiable as they have two heading rows and represent the individual payroll instructions. If there are payroll instructions you won't be editing in the exported file, you can remove them to ensure they are not accidentally altered.

You can delete any of the rows after the heading row. If there are employees you will not be editing, you may want to remove them to ensure the data is not edited.

The file must be saved as a .csv to be successfully imported back into the system.

Import a CSV

1. Enter the input sheet for the pay run in question.

2. Click Import.

3. You will be returned to the Process Payroll page and will see CSV Queued for Import and a progress bar. Once complete, you can re-enter the input sheet to see your updates - the boxes that were updated will be highlighted with a blue background.


    There are a few ways the CSV may not import:

    1. You get an error when you try to Import the CSV. First, please read the error - it will indicate changes you need to make to the format or information in the CSV in order to upload it successfully. If you make the necessary changes and continue to receive the error please contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

    2. Once you've uploaded the CSV, you enter the input sheet and no cells are blue (and no data is showing). This means the input sheet did not successfully upload. Look above the employees' names and click Errors/Warnings report. This report may indicate the issue that stopped the CSV from uploading. If you make the necessary changes and continue to experience the same issue, or if the report is empty, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

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