How to preview T4s before closing the year

How to preview T4s before closing the year

1. Click Payrollthen click Mid-Year Review under Remittance Auditing.

2. A new tab will open with the heading Mid-Year Review. Click on Prepare New next to this year's entry.

3. A pop up will appear asking for which date you want to preview data. If you select a date in the past, all data up until that date (pay date) will be included. If your date is current or in the future, all data for this year will be included.

4. After it generates your request, click Review to access your Preview of the Tax form runs.

5. You will have one entry per RP account. Click Edit to review the run you want to reconcile or preview.

6. You will also have all the information available to you that exists during tax season and can review and adjust this information. If you are ready to run your real T4 run (after closing the year), check out our article on How to process tax form runs.

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