How to set up payroll

How to set up payroll

Before you start processing your first payroll with Rise, please ensure you do the following:

1. If you have previously used a different provider, please inform Service Canada of your intent to change payroll providers by issuing a single Record of Employment (ROE) from your old payroll system for any employee with the reason code Change of Service Provider.

2. Open Rise in your browser, and log in to your payroll account. For more details, check out our article on How to log in

3. Once you’ve logged into your payroll account, review your pay schedule setup by following the steps in our How to view and change your pay date article.

Note that pay periods are always in calendar days, and input due dates are always in business days.
Please do not adjust the input due date. Adjusting this will only impact the date you receive payroll notification emails. For details on your payroll cutoff (input due date), please see your funding agreement. If you have any questions or would like changes made to your existing pay schedule, please contact us directly at

4. If your business tracks vacation pay, there are three different ways to do so in Rise:

  1. Paying out vacation pay on each paycheque

  2. Accruing vacation pay in hours

  3. Accruing vacation pay in dollars

The Small Business Team will typically set this up under the main settings for your account if you had answered Yes to tracking vacation in Rise in the initial setup email. If this is the case, add the relevant payroll instructions listed for your vacation tracking policy as listed in our How should I track vacation in payroll article.

If you do not yet have a vacation policy in place, we recommend going with Vacation Pay Accrued in Dollars. To set this up yourself, add the relevant payroll instructions listed for your desired vacation tracking policy in our How should I track Vacation in Payroll article and then follow the directions in our How to add payroll instructions article to add them to your pay runs.

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