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            Commonly asked questions about Time Off

            Policy management

            Do I manually have to have the employee(s) in their respective teams/departments once I add them to Payroll?

            Time Off syncs with payroll to pull over your employee and department information. If the individual will be a department lead, you have to go to the Company tab and assign them as a department lead. 

            Specific to Time Off is teams. When someone new is added to Payroll, they won't be added to any teams in Time Off automatically. Teams can be used to create custom reviewer groups, apply bonus modifiers to a specific set of people, or, define workgroups in your organization. Since teams are specific to Time Off, they can be fully edited in Time Off. You have to add the individual to their respective teams through the Company tab.

            You should also ensure a primary department and primary team are set up on the individual's profile to ensure they have the appropriate view on the request calendar, and that their requests are properly being filtered if you're using the primary department/team lead reviewer group. (Learn more about reviewers groups and more about primary team/dept setup here.) 
            primary team/dept setup option

            View the complete onboarding best practices for Time Off for new employees here.

            How does Time Off accrual work and what does an employee see for their available balances?

            There’s two ways to set up policies: yearly or monthly accruals. 

            • Yearly: Yearly accruals are set using a reset date where a portion of days available is put into an employee’s available balance to use for the rest of the year. This would be what they’d have available for the entire year, not just that which they’ve accrued through a pay run. 
            • Monthly: Monthly takes your yearly balance and breaks it down into 12 monthly instalments, giving a portion of the yearly available time off each month on a day you select (typically the first or last day of the month).

            Time Off does not track accruals in dollars, only hours or days. You’ll still need to keep the dollar accruals for accounting purposes on the employee pay stub.

            Does the requested calendar track overtime?

            Time Off is best used for time off policies that don’t link directly to accrued dollars, such as that in lieu or banked time. A “banked time” policy would support the workflow of inputting time someone earned. Anyone with administrative permissions would have access to manually modify someone's balance to add the time in lieu as it became available. Once added, the employee would then get to request time out of that new balance. 

            This workflow is most commonly used for reporting on trends across banked time usage, as well as having a central location for your employees to request time off with automated reviewer workflows.

            App management

            How long can I stay logged in for?

            Every day we will refresh your session. For security purposes, this ensures you don't accidentally leave your Time Off account logged in on an unsafe network. If you’re continuously active, you won’t be logged out throughout the day. This is to ensure privacy and security of outstanding sessions, while still keeping you engaged with the product if you're always in there.

            How do I add new team members to Time Off?

            Time Off syncs from Rise Payroll so all you have to do is add the new team member to Payroll! Learn more about adding a new employee in Payroll here.

            Within an hour, the newly added employees will sync to the Time Off app.

            Have a team member that isn’t a Canadian resident? You can use the SIN number 888-888-880 when creating a new employee record in payroll.

            What email notifications will I receive?

            Depending on your permission levels, we will send you a few types of emails.

            General Emails (meaning that everyone can receive this type of email)

            1. Registration email to activate your account
            2. Password reset email (if you go through our forget password workflow)
            3. Request summary email after you’ve submitted a time off request
            4. Request status update emails if your time off request has been approved or rejected.

            Admin/Reviewer Emails

            1. If you are a reviewer, you’ll receive an email summary when you have a new request to review.

            There is currently no opt-out option, all emails will be sent.

            Can I use my Payroll login to login to Time Off?

            The two logins are separate. You’ll have to store your login credentials for the two separately.

            Can we setup a global view where anyone can see all time off approved across the organization?

            This can be done using primary departments and teams. Administrators have the option of creating a department in Payroll or team in Time Off with everyone added as a member. Next, the administrator would need to identify the all-encompassing team/dept as the individual's primary team/dept on every profile that should have this level of insight. Learn more about setting up primary teams/depts here.

            The request calendar will show you who is away in your primary and department, so if the all-person team is selected as the primary dept or team, by default you'll see everyone in the company that has requested time off. You can then choose the other option to drill to your specific dept (if team is used for the all-person group) or your specific team (if dept. is used for the all-person group). Learn more about setting up teams here.

            Addressing privacy concerns with this option: For example, if you’re not a reviewer for an employee, their request will appear in gray. If you’re their reviewer, it’ll show up in the colour you’ve chosen for the policy. This is for privacy reasons and ensures only reviewers know exactly why someone is away. Your own requests will always appear in colour.

            Requesting time off

            I made a mistake when entering time off, but I submitted the request, can I cancel it and make a new one?

            Any requests that occur in the future, if they are either in review or approved, can be cancelled by the requestee. Administrators also have the ability to cancel any requests in the past that are not already closed (rejected or already cancelled).

            Learn more about cancelling requests here. 

            If my policy allows for carry over, and I have carried over time off from the previous year unused, will the product know to use my carried over vacation first?

            Your carry over will always be used first to ensure you’re not losing any yearly accruals available to you. However, be sure to look if your time off policy has carry over that expires. If so, you will lose any unused balance that fits the carry over expiry criteria of your policy. 

            Information about your policy such as if it has carry over or expiry is available on your Time Off dashboard.

            Can I use multiple policies to make a request?

            Yes—They do; however, have to be contiguous (next to each other or together in sequence). This means you can book May 1st-10th using one policy and May 11th-13th using a second policy. You cannot, however, book a request onMay1st-10th and May 12th-14th in the same request as this is not contiguous. The Time Off request calendar is similar to how a regular calendar works where the separate requests would have to be created under two separate request workflows.

            Can I, as an administrator, record time off taken for an employee?

            Yes! Through each employee’s personal Time Off dashboard, you can access the record time taken button which creates auto-approved time off requests (either in the past and the future). This is especially handy for sick days when someone calls in sick, but can’t make it to the computer to record their leave.

            Learn more about managing time off as an admin here. 

            Can I request time off into the negative?

            We’ve designed a very flexible request calendar to accommodate exceptions and allow for negative requests. The reviewer is empowered with information such as balance before and after the time off request, net impact on the requestee’s balance, applicable comments made by the reviewer, and related requests already occurring in a person’s team to make an informed decision on whether to approve requests that will go into negative balances.

            Best practice is to always check with your administrator on what rules apply to your specific balance before approving time off in the negative.

            Will the app know to not count weekends or holidays when I make a request?

            The request calendar will be pre-loaded with stat holidays specific to your province. These appear in orange. When making a request over a stat holiday or weekend, the balance being taken for that day will automatically be zero. 

            However, if you work weekends and need to instead flip the days been taken from your balance you can use the balance modifier when making a request to instead count Saturday/Sunday as 1 day each and instead, leave Monday/Tuesday as counting for 0. 

            Updated: 27 Mar 2019 05:15 AM
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