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            How to add an Administrator to the time clock

            Please note, this is advanced user functionality. If you encounter any difficulty whatsoever, please contact Rise support.

            If you're using Time and Attendance through Rise, and you're using our biometric time clocks, you'll need to make sure your enrollers can add fingerprints to new employee's.

            1. Click on your Organization Name at the top left of the screen.

            2. Click "T & A"

            3. Scroll down to "Clocks" and click "Edit" at the far right. Please note that unassigning, deleting, and adding clocks needs to be done by Rise staff. If you add a clock yourself, it will not work, and if you delete or unassign a clock, it will not flow through to time and attendance.

            4. Scroll down to "Clock Administrators" and, using the "Available" and "Assigned" labels, you can move employees back and forth. Select an enroller and enter a reason for modification (ie "Added David as an enroller.") Click Save when done. Note that whoever you assign as an enroller should have a  clock user ID and clock security code.

            Note: you can also assign employee departments from this menu. We recommend assigning every department to every clock, in most cases.

            5. You'll need to "Update Clocks" next. You should have been returned to the T&A screen, so scroll down to "Clocks" again. It should indicate there are pending updates; press "Update Clocks" to send the updates across. We recommend doing all your updating at once, if possible, so if you have more changes to make or need to add employees to the clocks, do that first.

            6. That's it! Your clocks should finish updating and your new enrollers will be able to login to the clock.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 10:52 PM
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