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            Time Off | Policies Overview

            From the Policies Overview page you can:
            • Create new time off policies or edit existing ones you've created
            • Edit who is enrolled in what policy (edit membership option)
            • Use the Days Taken analytical graphs that appear on the policy cards to get a deeper understanding of time off trends across your entire organization over the year.

            To create a policy, click Add New Policy on the top right. 

            This will open the the Policy Editor. The policy editor is broken down into four sections: 

            • Basic Info 
              (Where you can input information such as: The name of the policy, when it takes effect, and if it's prorated or not) 
              Click here to learn more about Basic Info.
            • Scheduled Accrual (This is only applicable for policies that accrue over time. You can choose base amounts and how the accrual structure is given.) Click here to learn more about Scheduled Accrual
            • Reset & Carry Over (Do you allow your team to bring over unused balances from previous years? This is where you'd set these rules.) Click here to learn more about Reset & Carry Over
            • Bonus Modifiers (Have special exceptions to how your team receives time off from this policy? Create custom groupings based on your policy exceptions) Click here to learn more about Bonus Modifiers

            Important notes

            • Time off does not track the dollars owed to your team members or automatically sync/integrate with Payroll when it comes to paying out your team's owed vacation. You'll have to continue to use the Payroll product for these functions. Learn more about reporting and manual reconciliation available here.
            • Policies, once created, shouldn't be modified. If you're modifying beyond the basic info, this can potentially cause data disruption around balances. Contact support at for any accrual or carry over adjustments that need to take place.

            Updated: 22 Apr 2019 12:03 AM
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