How do I set up or adjust an employee's compensation?

How do I set up or adjust an employee's compensation?

Add a new or update a current compensation policy

If this employee is brand new and has no existing compensation policy, there are just a few steps to complete.

1. Navigate to the employee's payroll profile. For more information, check out our article on How do I access an employee file.

2. Click on Compensation.

3. Scroll down the page and you will see the Payroll Departments section. Ensure the employee has at least one department assigned. Click Add Compensation Policy if no existing compensation policies exist, or click Edit on the current policy if you wish to adjust it.

4. Select the department to which this policy applies. If only one department exists, it will auto-populate.

There are three compensation types:

a. For salaried employees, click Salary and add both the Annual Salary and Avg. Hours in a Pay Period.

b. For hourly employees with a standard rate, click Hourly Wage, select Standard Rate, and then choose the applicable rate from the drop down.

c. For hourly employee's with a custom rate, click Hourly Wage, select Custom Rate and then enter the applicable rate.

5. Choose the effective date for this compensation change, and click Save.

Notes for unique situations

  1. You will only be able to date compensation changes within the current pay period or in the future. If you need assistance with a retroactive payment, please contact our support team.

  1. If an employee requires both an hourly and a salary rate, enter both as separate policies. 

  1. If an employee's pay is split between two departments, add both as separate policies. If they are salary, the combined annual salary should reflect their true earnings, and the combined average hours should reflect the real hours they work in a pay period.

  1. If you'd like to switch an employee from one type of policy (e.g. standard hourly rate) to another type of policy (e.g. custom hourly rate) you will need to delete the old policy and add the new one fresh.

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