Edit tax forms

Edit tax forms

If you have previous YTD data, or have terminated employees prior to using Rise and would like to generate their T4 slips, editing your T4s/T4As requires you to export your tax form data into Excel and then make adjustments to the spreadsheet before re-importing the CSV file back into Rise.

1. Navigate to Payroll, then, under Payroll, click Tax Form Runs.

2. Click Edit next to the tax form run you wish to edit.


3. From the Year End Tax Form Run screen, scroll down and click Download CSV Tax Form Data. This will open a new tab and automatically download a .csv with your T4 Data.

4. Open the downloaded file and hit Save as... and save it as a new file, being sure to select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv). By default, the file will want to save as Unicode Text (*.txt) and may be rendered unreadable if you save it in that format.

5. Every employee is assigned a Tax Run Employee ID (column EA) and an internal Employee ID (column EB) by the system. No matter what other details you change, the data will stay connected to that employee profile. Both columns should remain attached to the employee of that row and should not be edited. Outlined below are the most common adjustments made.

  1. Change names, SINs, or Addresses as they appear on the T4: Adjust the information as you need. If someone moved, their SIN changed, or you have an incorrect name, you can fix it here. 

  2. Remove employeesTo remove an employee, you need to zero out all their T4 boxes (Column Q onwards). When you import the data back into Rise, the system will look at those empty values and will not create a T4 slip for the employee. If you simply delete the row, the system will assume no changes are required from the original entry. 

  3. Change T4 valuesYou can change any T4 (or T4A) box, and what you update will reflect in the T4 copy. Please keep in mind a few “soft” rules you’ll need to enforce yourself.

    1. If an employee is CPP / EI exempt, you need to change column M or N to “TRUE” then zero out boxes T4-24 and T4-26 (e.g. if you are CPP exempt, you can’t have pensionable earnings.)
    2. You can’t go over the maximum for boxes T4-24 or T4-26.  
    3. The system will accept whatever you put in - double check your changes!
    4. Remember to update all relevant boxes. (e.g. if you increase box T4-40 (Taxable Benefits), you also need to update box T4-14.)
    5. For more information on tax dorm box information, check out our T4 box information and T4A box information pages.
If the issue is that a T4 box isn’t aligned (i.e. taxable benefits aren’t populating box 40), this is an issue best resolved in the T4 configuration - something that the Rise support team will happily assist with.

6. Once you’re done, make sure to save it as a .CSV again, and then click Upload CSV Tax Form Data.


7. Continue with your processing of the tax form run.

If you want to reset, you can click Reload Tax Form Data and that’ll bring you back to the start.

8. Once you approve the tax form, you’ll be redirected to the Review page. Review your tax form information and select the checkbox to confirm its accuracy. Once you have confirmed the information, click Finalize Tax Form Run.

9. Lastly, you’ll see a message congratulating you on successful completion of your tax form. You’ll also see the details of the next steps which will be taken care of by Rise.

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