How to finish (approve) a pay run

How to finish (approve) a pay run

Submitting a pay run

This tutorial is for the final steps of this process, you will have already done the following;

The next step is to submit the pay run to generate reports that you can use to verify you have entered everything correctly.

1. On the input sheet, click Submit.

2. After it processes, click on Results.

Reviewing results

You will have many reports available for you to use in the verification process. If you have no errors your screen will look like the below image. To see details of each report and what information it contains, scroll down.


If you have an error, this will be the only report available, and you must correct the error before you can proceed. If you have a warning, this report will be available but you do not have to action any changes before proceeding. If you have questions about the information within this report please contact our support team for assistance.

Input Sheet

You can view the input sheet from the results page, although the data will be uneditable unless you select Modify Input. If you do modify the input, you will have to re-submit to access the rest of the reports again. This allows you to make changes and review as many times as needed.

Output Sheet

Laid out the same as the input sheet, the output sheet actually shows the calculated values for each payroll instruction, instead of the input values. This includes source deductions such as tax.

Payroll Register Report

This report is an overview of all payroll information. It has employee-specific information, all payroll information for each employee (current and year to date) as well as gross and net pay for each individual. This tends to be the primary report for verification prior to approval. 

Departmental Payroll Register Report

Same report as the above, but the information is split into departments, and there is a total for each instruction per department. Note that YTD information may appear confusing or not appear at all, as it may be connected to a separate department than current earnings.

Statements of Earnings

You can view the paystubs exactly as the employees will see them. This is a less condensed version but displays the same information as the payroll register report.

Statements of Earnings without Cheques or Electronic Delivery

This report will display paystubs for the employees who will not otherwise be receiving them. If the employee is being paid by cheque, a physical paystub will be attached to their cheque, and if they have electronic delivery set up they will receive the paystub by email. If neither of those applies, they will appear on this report.

Pay Run Changes Report

This report is extremely useful in the validation process. You can compare one pay run against another to see differences between them. You can also see changes from default values by entering no comparison pay run. You can specify one employee, one department, and/or one payroll instruction you wish to compare. Unfiltered it will show you all changes between the two runs. We recommend including some form of pay run changes reporting in your approval process.

Invoice Report

It is very important to review the invoice before approving. It will display the total amount being withdrawn from your bank account, as well as a breakdown of where the funds are going. Reviewing this report should always be the final step before approval.

Approving payroll

When you have reviewed your payroll, and all looks comprehensive and correct, you are ready to approve. The process is easy - simply press the Approve button on the bottom of the results page. If you do not have access to it you must contact your account administrator to change permission levels.

It is important to note that an approved pay run will be automatically posted by our system, and a posted pay run is set in stone. We can not make changes to a posted pay run.

It is also important to make sure you have approved on time. The cutoff for payroll is 10 am PT on the input due date.

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