How to process a manual cheque

How to process a manual cheque

Creating an appropriate pay run

You need to attach this information to a pay run. If the payment is a one-off such as a bonus or termination pay, you will want to create an off-scheduled run. Off-schedule (or Ad-Hoc) runs allow you to add only the employee's and payroll instructions you need. If the payment is a regular pay for the whole pay period, you will want to create a regularly scheduled run. Regular pay runs include all employees and all expected payments for the pay period.

  • Click here to learn how to create an off-schedule run
  • Click here to learn how to create a regularly scheduled run

Once you have a pay run created, and you have entered the input sheet, you are ready to record the manual cheque payment.

Recording a manual cheque payment

  1. Enter all earnings that will be paid on this manual cheque, as well as any relevant benefits or deductions. 
  2. On the input sheet, click "Add Payroll Instructions".

  3. In the pop-up that appears, move the "Manual Cheque" instruction from the left side to the right using the arrows in the middle or by double clicking on the instruction. Click "Add" to add this instruction to the input sheet.


  4. The pay run will take a moment to process. Once available, click back into the input sheet. To the far right there will now be a column titled "Manual Cheque" with zero entries for all employees.
  5. You need to enter the Net Pay that this employee will be receiving by cheque into this instruction. To find the Net Pay you will want to preview the employee's statement of earnings by clicking the arrow next to the employee's name and selecting "Preview Statement of Earnings".
  6. After entering the net amount into the Manual Cheque instruction, preview the statement of earnings again. The employee's net pay should now be $0 which means Rise will not be paying this employee.

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