How to set up an employee's financial information

How to set up an employee's financial information

What finance options are available?

Rise has two financial options for employee payments

  • Cheque Delivery: Rise will print a cheque for this employee and all others set to receive cheques. We will mail you the cheque, and you will be charged for the shipping.
  • Direct Deposit: Rise will deposit the funds into the employee's bank account via EFT transfer.

The below tutorial assumes you are changing an employee from Cheque to Direct Deposit, but the first three instructions would apply equally to changing a Direct Deposit to Cheque. For Cheques we require no additional information beyond the one setting (Payment Delivery Method is Cheque).

Setting up Direct Deposit

  1. Navigate to the employee's profile and click on "Financial".
  2. If the Payment Delivery Method is incorrect, click "Edit"
  3. A pop-up will appear with a toggle and a reason for modification. Change the Payment Delivery Method, enter a reason for the change, and click "Save".
  4. Enter the bank account information. For a tutorial on how to read cheques for bank account information, see the bottom of this page.
  5. Click "Save".

Setting up a secondary or tertiary account

Once the primary bank account has been set up, you can specify a second or second and third account. Each additional account will allow you to portion off a dollar value or percentage of the pay into the additional account, and any remaining amounts after the calculations are complete will go to the primary account.

  1. Select the option "Distribute the payment amount to additional accounts". This will only be available after you save the primary account information. Click "Add Deposit Information".
  2. Add the secondary bank account information, and choose between "Money" or "Percentage". Enter the dollar value that should deposit here, or the percentage of total Net Pay. Click "Save".
  3. This employee now has a secondary account. Click "Add Deposit Instruction" again if you want a tertiary account.

But how do I know what their banking information is?

The bottom of a cheque always has all of the information we need to enter an employee's bank account information into the Rise system. Below we outline what the long string of numbers represents.

Cheque Number

Look to the top right to find the Cheque Number. This number will also be at the start of the string of numbers at the bottom of the cheque. For our purposes, this is irrelevant information - you can cross it out or just keep this in mind.

Transit Number

The second portion of this string will be the Transit Number. This represents the branch this bank account is located at. It will be five digits. After entering this number into the Rise software, you can verify that the branch information we list matches the branch information on the cheque.

Route Number

The third portion of this string will be the Route Number. This represents the bank this account is with and it will always be three digits. After entering this number into the Rise software, you can verify that the branch information we list matches the branch information on the cheque.

Account Number

The final piece of information that we require for payroll is the Account Number. The account number varies in length. In general, if it isn't part of the cheque number, route number, or transit number, it is the account number. Some banks (e.g. TD Canada Trust) include part of the transit number in the account number again - include all of the information as it appears when entering it into Rise.

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