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            How to override statutory deductions

            Override an employee's Statutory Deductions

            1. Create your ad-hoc or regular pay run.
            2. Find the employee you need to adjust by searching manually or using the filtering option outlined here
            3. Click the arrow next to the employee's name, and select "Override Pay Run Settings".
            4. Select the check box next to the amount you want to adjust. This will make the entry box available for changes.                                                                               

            5. Enter the value you want to replace the calculated amount. Any box that is checked will over-ride (if 0.00 is left entered, 0.00 will override the calculated amount. Ensure checkboxes are untouched if you wish to only adjust one value. If you are over-riding the Tax Amount, put the combined Federal and Provincial Tax amount into the box - there will be no Provincial tax split out on the pay-stub. 
            6. The override values should only have 2 digits after the decimal point. 
            7. Click "Save" to confirm your over-rides. We recommend verifying the information by previewing the employee's statement of earnings - more information here

            Updated: 01 Mar 2019 01:02 AM
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