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            How to process Tax Form runs

            Prior to processing

            There are a few steps you need to complete in preparation for processing your T4 or T4A run.

            1. Close the previous year
            2. Find T4 remittance balance from the CRA

            Creating your T4 or T4A Run

            Once you are fully prepared, you can create your T4 or T4A run using the following process. Note that the images will show a T4 run, but the process is identical for T4As.

            1. Select "Payroll" on the top menu, and then "Tax Form Runs" under the "Year End" heading.

            2. You will see one entry per RP number for each year. Click "Edit" to enter the Year End Tax Form Run.

            3. Enter your T4 Remittance Balance by clicking on "Edit T4 Remittance Balance".

            4. Click "View T4 Summary" to review the Summary of Remuneration Paid. 

            5. Two thirds down the page, you will see the "Difference". If you have a balance due, you must pay the CRA directly the balance due. If you have a balance owing, the CRA will send you a Notice of Assessment after your T4s are filed. This assessment will contain information on how to receive your refund. 

            6.If you would like to view all the employee T4 slips in draft mode, click "View T4 Slips".
            7. If you would like to change the data you see on the employee T4 slips, you can export the data and edit it using the process outlined here.

            8. Click "Check T4 Data" to generate any possible errors or warnings about your T4 run, and then select 

            9. ​If you have questions about the errors/warnings listed, please contact our support team."View Errors/Warnings Report"

            Setting up delivery of T4s

            Rise will electronically deliver your T4s and T4As to the CRA (unless you opt out). You will have to specify how the employees in your company should receive their T4s though. 

            1. Click "Edit Delivery Options" to open a selection screen.
            2. If you would like Rise to mail T4s to your team for you, select "Print my tax forms for me". If you select "Do not print my tax forms for me" we will email to the tax form(s) to all employees with email set up under Tax Form Delivery.
            3. From the drop-down list next to "Delivery Method", select how you would like us to send your T4s to your employees. Rise charges $4 per printed T4, plus shipping fees for any methods including delivery.
              • Do not print any T4 slips (electronic delivery only): This option will send an email to all employees who have an email address specified for tax forms. To see all T4's that will not be electronically delivered, utilize the report on the main Year End Tax Form Run page called "View Non-Electronic T4 Slips". Please note the "Packaging" is a required field, chose either one, but no mail will be sent.
              • Mail to Employee directly: $6 per T4
              • Print & hold at Rise office for pickup: Our office is at 1055 W Georgia St in Vancouver. Please specify the Packaging option. Individual envelop per employee: $4 per T4 + Courier Charges or single bulk package: $1.50 per T4 + Courier Charges
              • Print & mail to Head Office: We will mail them to your office. Please specify the Packaging option, same charges as above.
            4. If you would like Rise to create two copies of all T4s (one for your employees, and one for you), select the option "Print copy of all T4s for my records". The same $4 per printed copy fee will be charged.
            5. If you would not like Rise to file your T4s to the CRA, select the option "I will file to CRA myself". NOTE: this means the CRA will not be receiving any information from Rise, and you will be fully responsible for filling all appropriate tax forms.
            6. Add any relevant comments you would like our support team to know in the "Comments" section.
            7. Once everything is set up, hit "Save" and you will be returned to the main T4 page. 

            Finalizing your T4s

            When you have completed all of the above steps, your T4's are ready to be finalized. Clicking "Approve" will send your files to the CRA and will deliver T4s to your employees as per your settings.

            Updated: 11 Feb 2019 06:37 AM
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