How to change an ad-hoc payroll pay date

How to change an ad-hoc payroll pay date

Determining an appropriate pay date

When you create an ad-hoc pay run, you specify the pay date. Just like your regular payroll, Rise needs three banking days to process ad-hoc pay runs. If you approve the pay run on Monday before 10am PST the earliest pay date would be Thursday. If you have any questions about what an appropriate pay date might be, please contact our support team via live chat to confirm.

Changing an ad-hoc payroll pay date

1. Enter the pay run by selecting Input Sheet on the pay run you wish to change.

2. If your pay run is processed, the top of your screen will look similar to this. Press Modify Input to bring your input sheet back to an In Progress status. If your pay run is already In Progress, skip to step 3.

3. If your pay run is in progress, press the Edit button available next to the pay date.

4. In the pop-up box that appears, enter the new pay date in a DD/MM/YYYY format, or click the calendar icon to pull up a clickable calendar. Enter a reason for modification (used for auditing) and press Save to update your pay run.

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