Employee payroll setup overview

Employee payroll setup overview

Please follow these steps in chronological order before attempting to process payroll.

1. If you created payroll profiles for your employees when you added them to the People Directory, you won’t need to add them again to payroll. However, if you didn’t add your employees’ payroll information during the creation process, follow the steps in the My organization uses Rise Payroll and HR section of our How to add an employee to Payroll article.

If you have terminated employees that will require T4s at the end of the year, please enter their personal information as well.

2. After you’ve created the employee’s profile, go to the Compensation tab on the Payroll section of their profile and set up a compensation policy. Check out our article on How do I set up or adjust an employee's compensation for more details.

You must first create a compensation policy under the employee’s compensation tab before you can process their payroll.

3. Next, you need to set up your employee’s financial information, which can be accessed through the Financial tab of the employee’s payroll profile. For an overview of how to add direct deposit information to an employee’s profile, check out our article on How to set up an employee's financial information.

4. On the Tax tab, you can adjust your employee’s TD1 Federal and Regional Tax Configurations. Without any adjustments made, the system will assume all of your employees are claiming the Basic Personal Amount for their region for this year at a federal and provincial level. This is typically the correct setup, but if an employee returns a TD1 form or a F1 form with other specifications, you will need to adjust their settings. Our article on How to configure tax settings for an employee provides additional detail.

5. Next, set up vacation pay for the employee. Click the Payroll Instructions tab on the employee’s profile and add the relevant payroll instructions based on your organization’s vacation pay policy (shown in the chart below).

Accrue Vacation Pay in Dollars ($)

Accrue Vacation Pay in Hours (Hrs)

Vacation Pay Paid out Each Cheque

Add the following payroll instructions:

Add the following payroll instructions:

Add the following payroll instructions:

Vacation Pay Earned (Accrued)

Vacation Hours Earned (Accrued)

Vacation Pay Earned (Paid)

Vacation Pay Paid (Hourly/Salary)

Vacation Hours Paid (Hourly/Salary)

Vacation Pay Taken (Hourly/Salary)

Vacation Hours Taken (Hourly/Salary)

For instructions on how to set up vacation pay policies for your entire organization, check out our How to add payroll instructions article. To specify payroll instructions for individual employees, follow the directions in our How to manage payroll specifications for an employee article.

6. Finally, add the employee’s email address on the Document Delivery tab to have pay stubs and/or T4s emailed directly to the employee. Our article on How to set up document delivery (electronic statement of earnings and tax forms) provides a full overview of how to set up document delivery for your organization as well as for individual employees.

The default password for electronic pay-stubs is the last 4 digits of the employee's SIN number.
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