How to add an employee to Payroll

How to add an employee to Payroll

To add an employee to Payroll, you will have to follow a different set of steps depending on which Rise features your organization uses.

My organization only uses Rise Payroll

If your organization only uses Payroll, you can add employees directly through Payroll.

1. Navigate to Payroll, then click Employees.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click Add Employee.

3. On the Employee Maintenance screen, fill in the employee's information and then click Next.

4. In the Compensation tab, fill in the required information, then click Save.

5. The employee's profile has now been created. You can now add additional required information for the employee's payroll profile.

6. On the Compensation tab, you can add further pay information for the new employee.

If you use Time Tracking in Rise, you should add clock id under the Time and Attendance header for each employee tracking their worked time via punches or timesheets. If you decide to use physical clocks or terminals, please ensure that employees also get a clock security code that will be used as a passcode for them to log in from the punch devices selected by your organization.

For more information on clocks, check out our article on How to assign a Clock ID in Rise Scheduling & Time Tracking.

Under the Payroll Departments header, you can manage the employee's payroll department assignments. For more information on departments, check out our article on  How do I specify what departments my employee works in .

Under the Compensation Policies and Hours headers, you can adjust an employee's compensation policy and hours classification. Check out our How do I set up or adjust an employee's compensation and  About Hours Classification settings articles for more information.

Under the Daily Pay Settings header, you can adjust the employee's Pay Class and Holiday Class. For more information, check out our article on How to adjust an employee's pay class .

7. On the Financial tab, you can input the employee's banking information to set up direct deposit. Check out our article on How to set up an employee's financial information for more details.

8. On the Tax tab, you can input the employee's tax profile. For more information, check out our article on How to configure tax settings for an employee.

9. On the Contact Points tab, you can add the employee's contact info. For more information, check out our article on How do I update employee contact information.

10. On the Positions tab, you can add or remove an employee's job title. Select a position from the list of available titles, then use the left arrow to move it to the Assigned box. Select the employee's Default Position from the dropdown—you will be able to choose from the assigned positions. Click Save when your changes are complete.

11. On the Payroll Instructions tab, you can adjust the employee's payroll specifications. For more details, check out our article on How to manage payroll specifications for an employee.

12. On the ROE History tab, you can issue an ROE for an employee or view an existing ROE. For more details, check out the Creating an ROE from the employee tab section of our How to issue an ROE article.

13. On the Document Delivery tab, you can set up automated delivery of pay stubs and tax forms to the employee's email address. For more details, check out the Setting up document delivery section of our How to set up document delivery (electronic statement of earnings and tax forms) article.

14. On the Reports tab, you can view reports detailing an employee's payroll history. For more details, check out our How to review an employee's payroll history article.

15. On the Custom Fields tab, you can fill in any user-defined fields that your organization has set up. For more details, check out our How to complete user defined fields for an employee article.

My organization uses Rise Payroll and HR

Payroll information can be added to an employee’s profile when they are first added to the People Directory. If you choose not to add payroll information for an employee at the time of creation, you can add it later from the payroll tab on their employee profile. For help with adding new employees to the People Directory, check out our article on How to add a new employee .

If you’re in the process of adding a new employee to the People Directory, skip to step 4.

1. Navigate to People, then under Directory, click People. Click the employee you wish to enrol in payroll. 

2. Navigate to the Payroll tab on the employee’s profile, and click Enrol in payroll.

Note that only payroll admins will be able to see the Payroll tab on an employee's profile. Contact your Rise administrator if you need access to payroll admin privileges.

3. In the pop-up window, enter the employee’s payroll information in the fields provided. All fields are required.

4. Next, update the employee’s date of birth, SIN, and code address of residence in the fields provided if not already specified.

5. Review the employee’s details. If everything is correct, click Enrol in payroll.

6. Once the employee is enrolled in payroll, you can add a compensation policy for them within the payroll tab.

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