How to add an employee

How to add an employee

Adding a new employee to the system

  1. Click "Employees" in the top menu.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click "Add Employee".
  3. You will start on the demographics tab of the Employee Maintenance page. Most of the information is self explanatory, but we have made notes on fields that are not required, or may need additional details.
    1. Middle Name: This field is not required.
    2. Common Name: This field is not required. It is helpful if your employee's legal name is different than the name they use in daily life. The employee search will look for common names, and common names appear in reports.
    3. Title: This field is not required. It appears in some reports.
    4. Date of Birth: remember to enter dates as DD/MM/YYYY. The calendar pop-up can assist with verifying you have entered the value correctly.
    5. Gender: This field is not required. It appears in some reports.
    6. SIN: There is a calculation that will validate if the SIN is mathematically accurate. If you need a fake SIN for some reason, contact our support team.
    7. Communication Language: Changing this will alter what language is used for the payroll instructions on the statement of earnings.
    8. Address: The primary address must be a Canadian Address. If this employee has a US address we recommend entering your office address as the Primary, and the employee's home address as a Secondary address. Please note our system does not calculate American taxes.
  4. Click "Next" when the demographics are complete. You can always come back and add additional information at a later date.
  5. The second tab is the Compensation tab. Most work related details will be entered on this tab.
    1. Employee Code: The system default setup is to suggest the next available employee code, and show you the last assigned employee code. If you would like to turn this feature off please let our support team know.
    2. Start Date: Please remember all dates must be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format.
    3. Region of Employment: This will impact the employee's taxation rate. It may also impact their vacationable earnings.
    4. Home Department: Specify which department is their primary department. You will be able to add additional departments if required.
  6. Click "Save".

You have now added an employee to the system. However - you will want to add more information before running payroll.

  • To add a compensation policy - click here.
  • To set up financial details - click here.
  • To set up taxation details - click here.
  • To add contact information & set up pay-stub delivery - click here.
  • To manage payroll instruction specifications for this employee - click here.

There are also optional setup details which may or may not apply to your company.

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