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            How to pay out a vacation balance

            Paying out a vacation accrual

            If you have been accruing vacation pay using the Rise default payroll instruction "Vacation Pay Earned (Accrued)" then a balance exists in the system that is owed to the employee. You can pay out the entire balance of this accrual using the payroll instruction "Vacation Pay Paid". It will also pay out any vacation earned on the current pay run, and the total payout will be recorded in box 17 on the ROE.

            1. Make sure the employee has this payroll instruction (Vacation Pay Paid) available to them. Click here to learn more about managing payroll instructions in the employee profile.
            2. Create the pay run for the employee's final payment. This might be an ad-hoc run or a regular pay run.
            3. Click "Add Payroll Instructions" on the input sheet of the final payment pay run.
            4. In the pop-up window that appears, move "Vacation Pay Paid" from the left to the right using the arrows in the middle or by double-clicking on it. Click "Add" to add this payroll instruction to the pay run.         
            5. Wait a moment for the pay run to process, and when available click back into the input sheet.
            6. Find the relevant employee on the input sheet. This article outlines how to use the filter function to narrow down your search.
            7. Select the tick box next to the cell "Vacation Pay Paid". This will grey out the box for entry and attach the full balance total instead. 
            8. To verify the amount, you can preview the statement of earnings

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